The 21st Day

Yeah, I bombed on the fruits and vegetables intake today. I think I probably hit a grand total of about 1-2 cups. So, I suppose I was within the normal American range, but not even at my normal much less the 6-9 cups that I’m working on.

I still wasn’t feeling well today and just didn’t want to put any effort in to much of anything. I think I’m dealing with some dehydration. When I went to urgent care a few days ago they thought I might be a bit dehydrated. The next day was really hot and humid and I was outside much more than normal.

I have history of mild to not so mild dehydration. Maybe that’s another thing for me to work on. I was just looking online and seeing some sites suggesting that I should be getting about 1.5 gallons of water per day. I would guess that I’m currently getting closer to .5 gallons.

So, I’ve sent some questions to a nurse practitioner friend and may add increasing my water intake to this effort.

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