Days 22 and 23

Okay, so I forgot to write yesterday or at least I forgot until about 10 pm when I was laying in bed and wanting to sleep so I skipped it. It was only the second day that I missed writing since I’ve started this challenge, so I think I can cut myself a break. Besides, I ate pretty well and I drank a lot of water.

This afternoon I noticed something. I noticed that I was happy. I’ve not been really happy all that much in a while. I was at work today and had a bunch of meetings, all about projects that my office is likely to be a part of in the next two years and structural changes and such. Often in recent months this stuff has left me feeling drained with little energy to move forward because I’ve been looking for work back home in Wisconsin and not feeling connected or at home here. Yesterday, I got the notice that I didn’t get a second interview for a job I’d wanted. Strangely, I think I felt a little relief. I won’t have to move again or to start over again. I’ve lived in at least 20 different houses in my adult life. It’s nice not packing and unpacking.

Strange how sometimes disappointment isn’t all bad. Add to that drinking at least an additional 40 or so ounces of water and I wasn’t so dehydrated. I had a little more energy and that gave me some joy today.

So, today I kept drinking my water, along with a little Himalayan salt as recommended by a friend who’s a nurse practitioner and had a cranberry supplement to help my system a bit too. I did well getting in my veggies and fruits. I did also get some not so good for me foods, but it wasn’t bad. I feel good about it.

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