20 Days Completed

Okay, well I am going to count the fact that I didn’t eat any ice cream today as a victory. I need some sort of victory in today and I actually did want to have some ice cream. That’s unusual for me these days.

The first thoughts of it were when I was at the Grant County Fair. It’s a nice little fair. It has a lot of educational components, more than any other fairs I’ve seen this year. It also had an interesting mix of the typical fun fair stuff and some really sad displays. They had a wrecked truck on display that had belonged to a young man who’d died in a drunk driving accident. They also had a traveling display on 9/11. Both were powerful and good to be there. Personally, I think for a relaxing afternoon, I preferred the presentation from the two girls who did the live demonstration on how to milk a goat. For a moment, I thought it might be nice to have a goat. I let that thought go.

The ice cream though, I thought that might be nice, but the options were limited at the fair. I knew that if I were to have ice cream and the likely stomach ache afterward I wanted to have really good ice cream. So, I traveled on. Later, I took Buddy out to Benson to the dog park since the local park hasn’t opened yet. That drive meant going past Dairy Queen. That seemed a good option, but then I thought I’d rather have some Ben and Jerry’s. We went past the grocery store in Benson, but it looked like it might be closed, so I kept going with the thought that I’d be more likely to find Ben and Jerry’s in Morris anyway. Well, by the time we got home I convinced myself that just some banana with raspberries and cream would be just fine and that I didn’t want leftover ice cream in the freezer anyway.

So, I didn’t eat well today. I don’t think I quite hit my 6 cups of fruits and vegetables. I did eat fair food and pizza. But, I didn’t get ice cream and that was a good choice. I also felt good about just taking the day off and not worrying about it. Tomorrow I’ll be back on track and probably cleaning out my fridge to get a better sense of what I have and what I might make for meals this week.

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