From One Who Hates Wearing Masks

I was just reading my Facebook feed this morning. Someone had a post there about reactions they’d gotten to wearing a mask. It made me think. I don’t like wearing a mask. I’ll bet most of us don’t. What helps us guard against that invisible enemy and gets us to walk out of our houses looking like we’re in some sort of grown up version of a children’s game of “let’s pretend,” all trying to look like surgeons and nineteenth century bank robbers?

Here’s what I know about myself. I know that my own tendency is to keep telling myself “it’s not going to happen to me”, “people worry about this stuff a little too much”, and a simple “I don’t need a mask. I can handle whatever hits me.” I also recognize that each of these statements is about me and doesn’t acknowledge the circle of caring people around me. That’s how I recognize the self-centeredness.

Maybe you don’t need a mask. Maybe you are so strong that the virus will never hit you, but what if you’re wrong? Will your family be afraid if you get sick? Will your friends or loved ones catch it from you? What impacts do your actions have on others?

Those are the kinds of questions I asked myself when I asked my sister to mail me a couple of the masks she’s been sewing. I knew something too about those masks and about myself. While I hate to wear a mask. I like to show off my sister’s talent as a seamstress, something I don’t know how to do. I don’t like masks, but I appreciate being able to put that piece of cloth against my face and know that it is a sign that someone cares about my health and that I can show my care about someone else.

Maybe you are already wearing your mask. If you are, I say thank you. Maybe you’re more like me and don’t think this virus will affect you personally or just don’t like wearing masks and the way they fog up your glasses or whatever, to you I ask that you take that step of love if not for yourself then for those you care about. Please, let’s wear our masks.

4 thoughts on “From One Who Hates Wearing Masks

  1. I am getting a mask, later today, and have some others coming from another country-they will arrive around May 1. Mostly, it’s so the busy bodies that mind everyone’s affairs will stay out of my face (pun intended) and with the side benefit of me not being the cause of anyone’s infection.


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