Detox Day 2

I may say something totally different in a few days, but right now detox is actually kind of tasty.

The morning started much like yesterday, with a smoothie. This morning it was just raspberry, carrot and spinach. A simple, healthy, and tasty way to start the day. Not surprisingly given that my calorie count was way down yesterday, I was hungry mid morning. So, I just heated up some of yesterday’s veggie bake and had a second breakfast. There are some definite benefits to working from home right now, so I can easily have that second breakfast.

Lunch was leftover riced cauliflower with black beans and tomato and a nice salad with mixed greens, cucumber, asparagus, a bit of vinegar and oil, and a sprinkling of the mixed seasonings used for everything bagels. The afternoon snack was an orange.

For dinner I just threw some garbanzo beans and oil into the veggie bake and it was new. On the side I added cucumbers, radishes, and beans. Again, a super simple, really quick, yet tasty meal.

My energy is slowly returning. It’s too soon to say that it’s due to changing my diet. It may just be naturally getting over being sick. Still, there’s something that feels good about cutting up my vegetables and admiring that multicolored plate full of things that I know to be straight from the earth. The simple preparation of real food provides a certain emotional and spiritual healing that processed food cannot. It feels good to know your food as a friend.

My diet has changed a great deal from where I was just five years ago when almost all my meals came from Culvers, Subway, Erberts and Gerberts, or whatever pizza place was handy and most of what I drank was either a sugary juice or pop. I didn’t realize just how bad my diet was. Most of my food at home was organic. When I ate out I usually ate fish sandwiches or vegetarian subs. I look back now and am blown away by the amount of toxins I took in on a daily basis voluntarily.

My weight was up over 200lbs. I’d developed epilepsy and was feeling old and worn out. Then in 2017 I reconnected with a high school classmate who was now a integrative medicine practitioner. I decided to ask for her help. With Kelly’s guidance I was able to change my life. I reconnected with food in a good way, figured out what foods were upsetting my system, and started eating better. Over about a year I lost 40 lbs and regained much of my health.

It wasn’t a diet. It was a lifestyle change. So, much of it has stuck with me. I gained a couple pounds back, but generally stayed where I should be. Still, epilepsy, drug allergies, and a stressful work environment since 2019 have proved tough on my body. Thankfully, my previous health care experience with Kelly gave me something to come back to and build from. Getting healthy is an ongoing journey. I have great faith and hope that I am going where I need to and that wonderful things will happen.

I wish you all the best on your journey today.

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