Day 26 of the Fruit and Veggie Challenge

Can we count buttered popcorn as a vegetable? No, I suppose there are far too many who read this and would say it is a starch. Ah well, it was on okay movie and probably worth the splurge. Though, I must say that it is disturbing how much violence there is these days in movies marketed to children. I went to see the Lion King tonight. All the previews of other movies before the main show and of course the Lion King itself, well there doesn’t seem to be a children’s movie these days without a war. How do we expect anything other than violence from our children when we continually feed them messages that violence is okay?

Well, today I drank plenty of water. I didn’t do horribly eating fruits and vegetables with my berries and banana dish for breakfast and a nice salad with my lunch. But, I didn’t reach my 6-9 cups. Unless, of course, folks want to be forgiving and call popcorn a vegetable. Then I topped out over 9 cups!

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