15 Days

My stomach is still a little off, but getting better. I am happy to say that I stayed away from restaurants today. Not eating out, a temperature outdoors of 90+ all day, and still having a bit of intestinal issues led to another day of limited calories though I did go out and get a new bag of sugar-free chocolate chips.

The day began with strawberries and yogurt. Lunch was homemade tomato soup with cheese and a side of green beans and carrots with hummus. Tonight was a piece of cod and mixed vegetables with bananas, mixed berries, and yogurt with a bit of maple syrup and some of those sugar free chocolate chips.

So, again about 6 cups of fruits and vegetables. That seems to be the spot for me. It’s doable on a daily basis. More than that can be quite a challenge. I feel okay with that amount. I feel good about being intentional regarding my food. It’s really kind of amazing to see how easy it is not to eat fruits and vegetables. I found myself wondering today what exactly I have been eating since I got rid of my allergens three years ago now. Clearly, I’ve been getting enough calories. I haven’t been eating allergens. This means keeping away from a lot of processed foods because of sugar or potato starch. I’d cut down the amount of pasta I’d been eating too in recent months. I guess it’s been more pizza and burgers than I realized or maybe they just make up a larger part of my diet than I knew.

Now, we’ll see if I can go the week just on my own cooking!

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