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Standing on Top of the World

The trip to Mount Pilatus wasn’t a planned one. Our group was supposed to just have an afternoon off to relax and mill around the town of Lucerne, Switzerland. Spending the afternoon wandering about Lucerne would have been great, just sitting in a coffeeshop somewhere dreaming about visiting with Mark Twain swapping ideas as his writer’s block broke and he began to create the classic text “Huckleberry Finn.” What would hanging out with…

Reflections on Visiting Dachau

It’s been just over a week since I wrapped up my wanderings of the streets and mountains of central Europe. The vacation, which I booked months ago when I’d been planning to move forward in a career providing housing to terminally ill homeless people, wound up being the transition point as my role at Solace Friends just ended and I leapt into the unknown. My last day with Solace Friends was December 28th,…

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