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Ponderings on Race in Madison Today

Ah the wonders of returning to the “thirty square miles surrounded by reality!” Yes, that is what many know Madison as because it is a community unlike any other in the state of Wisconsin. Its hyper-political, ultra-educated, super-liberal personality makes it a strange juxtaposition to the grounded-ness of the surrounding counties in their simply seeking to work hard and live right style of being. I was reminded of where I am by several … Continue reading Ponderings on Race in Madison Today

Photo by Ebony Cox/ Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

What is Ours?

I was eating my oatmeal and flipping through Facebook posts this morning when I saw a news story about a 1200 year old canoe that was raised from the lake near where I live yesterday. Several friends had already commented on how wonderful it was that this treasure had been found. Others noted how they hoped that the Ho Chunk would be given the opportunity to be a part of the process of … Continue reading What is Ours?

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