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Reflections on My Travels 2023- A Travel in Time and Understanding

I have a basket in my living room that holds a collection of precious belongings; stones, sweetgrass, cedar, tobacco, scraps of cloth, and bits of fur, little memories from other adventures throughout my life and gifts from relatives who’ve since moved on. In that basket is a piece of concrete with splatterings of paint. I like to believe that it was once part of a peace symbol, but who knows. That paint could…

Reflections on My Travels 2023- The Alps

I’ve loved mountains since I was a little girl living among the tiny waves of the glaciated region of Wisconsin. Hills tell us so much. They are the home of our ancestors, those giant stones that tell the stories of our past and the trees that reach to the skies to show us where we’re going. The creeks and rivers that run through sing the songs of life and remind us of who…

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